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Scala 2.9 ArrayStack

So I moved my current codebase to be compiled against Scala I had been using 2.8 and I want access to the parallel collection operators which I was missing dearly from .net. Much of my code used ArrayStack as a mutable collection. I have increasingly preferred immutable approaches however when simply tying together existing Java components this can be impractical due to the way some API’s work. With the upgrade to 2.9 I noticed 2 specific problems.

1. If you call ArrayStack.reverse and iterate through the results the first item returned is actually the second item added to the collection.

2. When iterating through larger collections the iterator starts with null elements from the beginning. This is probably returning unused elements from the buffer that are allocated as part of the growth strategy. I have not spent enough time to know that this is conclusively the case.

With these problems with basic collections I have removed ArrayStack from all of my code. I have been instead using java.util.Vector[A]. This seems to have cleared up much bizarre behavior.