New York Times

So Carlos Slim has taken a stake in The New York Times. I have been wondering who might step up to the plate since the clock is ticking. Either Carlos knows something we don’t or he is going to learn some of the same lessons as Sam Zell who bought Tribune Co. Tribune is current in bankruptcy. The game has changed and there are going to be winners and losers. I would bet that New York Times is going to be a loser. Even people I know who read it online everyday would not pay for it. News is now expected to be free. There are a few sites that may survive that I follow WSJ, FT and other sites that are important to high income people. However the idea that a news paper is going to be at the for front of modern media is patently ludicrous. The flip side is that Digg is not the answer either. Digg has never made money and I don’t expect it to anytime in the near future if ever.

So where does that leave us? NYT is going to hobble along as it slips into irrelevance. There will be consolidation in the media market. I expect that Reuters and AP will be the ultimate winners, providing global content to media outlets. Newspapers do not have the scale or the value add to be an effective product in today’s market.

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