Google my health, or not

Well the open secret is now not so secret with today’s announcement. I see this as pretty much an non-event. Like Neil Versel said today, show me  PHR with more than a handful of active users. It is true that Google could become a dominant player in this market, however there are a lot of people who have a vested interest in that not happening. I can’t comment on the specifics of Google’s implementation since I don’t have access but PHR’s don’t seem to have come up with their compelling reason for existence. The if we build it they will come attitude has not worked here either.

In a larger sense EMR’s have not been shown to increase anything except cost. They have not saved money or lives on any large scale. Maybe they will in the future. In fact I am sure they will. But not yet. We can’t even exchange data yet.

So Google making a PHR doesn’t solve anything. I am sure they will throw a nice party at HIMSS though.

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  1. The PHR space is rapidly evolving and more and more users are embracing online PHR solutions like Google Health and Microsoft Health Vault. This trend will certainly grow as more healthcare providers embrace EMR/EHRs.

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