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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my readers. 🙂


Video’s on subprime

Watch them both. They are funny.

More overseas reading

So over the weekend I had a few conversations about my overseas reading post. I wanted to further expand on it. A few years ago a well known colleague and I were discussing CAD. I simply remarked that it might be cheaper to use humans in a country with a low cost of labor.

So what might that look like? Imagine you have a guy. This guy reads knee MR. Knee MR only. He is not a radiologist but he is trained. He does not offer final reads, only a pre-read. Over time a radiologist may become comfortable with our guys knee MR reads. Since that is all he will do he should be very good at reading knee MR.

Know the radiologist needs to make sure he is right. Ultimately if there is an error that will come back to the radiologist, not the guy in India, China, or Nigeria. Still when considering the costs and benefits it may be a very effective way to save radiologists time. Each minute of radiologist time saved is more capacity to read cases. As we see consolidation among practices this is sure to emerge to help create some economies of scale.

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Blog Emergency

Please see Dalai’s post. He is being pressured to censor his blog. Please post comments in support of him. When people place pressure on bloggers who call them out it is truly a sign of cowardice. Blogs are an open forum where anyone can comment. I will not censor any non spam comment posted to my blog. Dissent is good. I am sure Dalai would do the same should you respond.

And to the said company, you know who you are, look at how Microsoft embraced the blog world. Not by censoring the conversation but by being part of it. Intimidation only works so much.

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