Playing Hillary Care

If you believe that Hillary Care is inevitable how are you going to make money? Someone is going to make money off of it, and it may as well be you. The trade I think is long consulting and short big pharma.

There will be billions of dollars spent to implement Hillary Care and a large chuck of that will go to the large consulting companies that have established relationships with government entities. Take a look at IBM for instance. They will be well positioned to take advantage of lucrative contracts thanks in part to their cutting edge research partnership with Mayo.

As for shorting Pharma, they stand to lose a lot from restrictions on non generic drugs and the powerful bargaining position of the government in such a situation. Smaller pharma companies will undoubtedly suffer but there will still be upside thanks to the larger companies needing to buy them to secure access to new drugs. The valuations of those companies will go down though.

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  1. I wish someone would tell me how radiologists can prosper under Hillary-Care!!!!

  2. I got a little bit of bad news. Radiologists and all other doctors will eventually be asked to take massive paycuts for the betterment of society, or simple because you make too much money. 🙁

    As an addendum Hillary Care has the real potential to destroy the Pharma industry which would be very sad. Additionally the consulting companies will still be a good play when the system eventually collapses since someone will have to dismantle the infrastructure and privatize the system. Make a dollar on the way in and two on the way out.

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