GE Launches PeerVision

Today GE launched a beta release PeerVision which is a website that will help foster community collaboration on the web. The site has blogs, forums and a library. The site is organized around four communities, Outpatient Imaging Centers, Advanced Visualization, the Signa 3.0T (MRI Scanner), and MyReadingSpace. Within each of those communities there is a separate forum and blog. The blogging is done by guest bloggers who are not GE employees that will blog on important issues.

While I think that the site will be a net positive I think that it is somewhat limited. The primary two way communication medium will be the forums. I am not sure that the blogs will be updated enough, although I am an information junkie so I like lots of posts. I will be interested to see what the uptake among radiologists is. Radiologists tend to be older so the forums may work well. Auntminnie already has established forums and they do get traffic. I don’t consider PeerVision to be a game changer. I would have liked to see something with some social networking capabilities that might make it sticky among its users. The other thing that might have worked well is the Channel 9 model of building community around video or some other content. Let’s see what the people think….

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