Don’t ever count these guys out

There is one company in recent memory that should never be counted out, since they will be back with something that will blow your mind. This company is full of extremely smart people and it has a trail of other companies in its wake to prove that it is still an 800 lb gorilla. The company that I am talking about is of course Microsoft. At times when they must execute they do. Think about Xbox, a console that while technically superior to PS 2 never got the same traction. However there was Xbox Live that Microsoft leveraged with great effect with the Xbox 360.

This week Microsoft release silverlight, a new Rich Internet Application platform. Many people including me had been wondering why Microsoft was talking so long to release AJAX tools. Now the answer appears to be, either us or Adobe is going to change the way that internet applications are written and we are planning on it being us.

Whenever people say Microsoft is dead, irrelevant, etc. I point out that they have weather many crisises and have come out stronger for it. Ray Ozzie is now really showing that he is going to take Microsoft in a new direction and I bet that he will succeed. The real loser here is Yahoo. They are going to continue to have problems expanding their market share without finding new markets to tap.

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