Windows Vista

I have been running Windows Vista on my laptop for a couple of weeks now. I like it. It is better than XP. There is not much else to say about that has not been said elsewhere. I am running it on a Dell Latitude D820. The install took a while but since then it has been pretty smooth sailing. The program I use to write this blog, RocketPost, had an incompatibility but Vista prompted me to download the missing component. Other than that there is not a lot to be excited about. The new UI is nice. I like the search box on the start bar. I know that under the covers the system is more reliable and secure.

Here is my biggest problem with Vista. Did they really have to make 5 editions? And that doesn’t count the versions for europe or the developing world. Microsoft this is what I want, 1 edition. Charge $150 – $200 for it. The idea that I cannot get bitlocker unless I have a volume subscription is crazy. Is my data on my laptop worth less than a larger companies data? I am a small business and while someday I will have a volume license, right now I don’t. Why does Home Basic exist? It has very few of the Vista features. I would advocate staying with XP over getting home basic. Having 2 versions was annoying. Having 5 is crazy. Same thing with Windows Server.

I have to say I breathed a large sigh of relief when I decided that my companies new backend search technology would run on Linux/Java/MySQL. I will still use Microsoft serves for web serving to use ASP.NET, but probably very little else. Figuring out which edition to get should not be a major burden. I am sure Microsoft is not alone in making this confusing. Alot of other companies do the same thing. But the number of versions of Vista is insane.

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