.net’s Achilles Heel

I have been a .net developer since .net beta 1 back in 2001. I love the platform and consider it to be superior as a single platform to anything else out there. However right now I am learning Java. Why? I am leveraging some opensource toolkits and pieces of software that do not have versions available in .net. I am using Nutch as the basis for a new search engine. Nutch is a fairly good piece of software. The underlying distributed computing components known as Hadoop are awesome. It is fairly easy to build a cluster of dozens to hundreds of machines to power a search engine.

So in this case the availability of a piece of open source software is driving my adoption of a new platform. I think that Microsoft should think long and hard about sponsoring opensource projects.


There is a lot of opensource software out there for .net. I just think there is a real lack of it in “high end” areas, like distributed computing. There is also not a lot of standardization in projects. I mean how many business frameworks and O/R Mappers do we really need?

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