Deficit Reduction Act

Recently Congress passed the Deficit Reduction Act which among other things reduced the amount of money that imaging centers can bill for when performing radiology studies. Dalai points out that the ACR was not effective at lobbying congress on the behalf of radiologists. I agree but want to point out that healthcare in general is not effective at lobbying congress. This is why we cannot use SSN to identify a patient across facilities while those in finance can. The whole industry is bad at lobbying and has been for a long time.

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  1. There’s more to it than that…The ACR allied with all the groups that represent those who self-refer, as well as those heavily involved in outpatient imaging on the radiological side. It was the wrong approach, and they have now shot themselves and radiology in general in the foot for any future battle over self-referral.

  2. Yes. I completely agree. I was just trying to point out that healthcare has not been effective in general at lobbying. Thanks for making me clarify.


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