HD DVD vs. Blue-ray

While I am not an owner of a player of either of these advanced formats O’Reilly Radar has a great link to a site that compares the performance of both formats in the marketplace. Personally I think the battle is a mute point since I expect everything to be delivered over the internet. Still it makes for an interesting read.

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  1. HD-DVD only supports 1080i where as Blue Ray supports 1080p etc… Well how about storage capability Hd-DVD = 30g vs 50g for Blue Ray? I am not sure about the price point, I guess you need to wait for 3 months to see how their productions turn up etcc… Techinically, Blue Ray is far more superiority then HD-DVD.

  2. I was not saying that either one is better. Blue-ray may technically be better. That didn’t help betamax though. All I was saying is that HD DVD is selling more right now and that I think the battle is mute since in 5-10 years most content will be streamed anyhow.


  3. I think the only reason the HD-DVD is selling more right now is because they are cheaper compared to blue ray. With all the problems associate with the initial production of the new technologies, Sony cannot afforted to compete with price as yet. If Sony can resolved their problems with manufacturing of blue ray’s dios etc…, I think you will see price coming down pretty soon.

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