This week I decided to try out Firefox after getting totally fed up with IE 7. Last time I used Firefox was right around its 1.0 release and I was frustrated with plugins that did not work across versions. So I have been using IE 7 all through the beta. For me it is a huge letdown, and I care less about its lack of standards conformance than most people. There are two things that irk me.

  1. When a popup or ActiveX control is blocked the page needs to be refreshed to see it. This is so frustrating when refreshing the page send you several pages back. Whatever is being blocked should be caught and cached so if the user decides to see it the page does not have to be refreshed.
  2. I have found that sometimes when I right click on a link and click open that IE crashes. I mean come on guys. IE should be the best browser out there.

So I am up and running on Firefox and I like it. I have a blogging plugin that I am writing this from. is integrated. Life is good.

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