What was cool at RSNA

There was only one thing that I saw at RSNA this year that was cool and innovative. That was the next generation software from TeraRecon. It is called iNtuition. TeraRecon has always had a great product with their AquariusNET software. It provides 3D visualization of medical images using server side rendering. I will talk in detail about this some other time.

The new features were great. Automatic anatomy labeling. Woah. The software can now pick out anatomy. This has huge implications for the future since this will open up many new applications that use it. Also iNtuition provides good workflow which previous software did not. The beginnings of what could be the first 3D native PACS may be emerging.

All in all this is a huge step forward. It was also the only really cool and new thing that was shown which was disappointing.

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