RSNA Writeup

This years RSNA was awesome for me. I had a great time and met lots of great people. I was gone for a week and had a blast in Chicago. It is such a great city to visit. Also from Saturday until Wednesday we had absolutely great weather. It was not windy or cold. I was fine at night just in my suit jacket.

I flew in at 10:30 AM on Saturday, the day before the convention opened, and was at the convention center around 12:30. I was setting my my exhibits in InfoRad, now called Informatics. I had 4 exhibits to set up. After dealing with a server which at first would not boot and a portable hard drive that died we were mostly up and running. I want to note here that I had to convert all the hard drives on the computers that were rented for us from FAT32 to NTFS which I found absolutely outrageous. Who in the year 2006 does not run NTFS on Windows computers?

Saturday night David Channin who leads the informatics group at Northwestern hosted an event at his house for people who are interested in imaging related topics. Alot of great people came including Kurt Langlotz, Dan Rubin, and Ben Johnson. From our group we brought Khan Siddiqui, Woojin Kim, Bill Boonn and Nabile Safdar. It was a great group of people and we had lots of great conversation.

On Sunday the meeting opened. I spent the first 2 hours setting up the last exhibit. The exhibits that I showed were:

  • GoogleMIRC – A search engine for web content that only indexes radiology content
  • Performance Dexa – A report creator for bone densitometry
  • Lightweight MIRC Authoring Tools – Tools for the RSNA’s MIRC project that are simple to use
  • Web2Mirc – A tool for converting web based teaching files into MIRC documents

GoogleMIRC and Lightweight MIRC both were invited to Radiographics and Lightweight MIRC won a certificate of merit.

Sunday was a busy day. I went out to dinner with TeraRecon that night at Nick’s Fish House.

Monday was more of the same. Up early. I had my talk at 11AM. It was really well received. Paul Chang and Dave Avrin chaired my session and I was privileged to be presenting with other notables including Dan Rubin, Chuck Khan, and Reuben Mezrich. My talk was being covered by the press which was exciting. The photographer was there to take pictures for the article that would appear in the daily newspaper for the conference the following morning. I had been interviewed the previous week for the article. After my talk I had a great time talking to Paul Chang who I had never had a chance to sit down with before.

Monday night I went to the GE party at House of Blues. I did stop into the Emageon event at ESPN zone but there was not alot going on there so I went back to the GE party. I spent some time with people I know there including Mark Morita and Jeff Whipple. Then I went down to the John Hancock building to hangout with some people from TeraRecon and closed out the night at a bar with a live band.

Tuesday I got up early to get my copy of the paper to see myself in it. I was there and it was great and really exciting. Tuesday I spent most of the day at my search engine exhibit. Lots of people stopped by to see it. The most common question was when will it be available. Availability will be announced here first. I met alot of fantastic people. Tuesday was supposed to be meet the bloggers but NetWorks bar was packed and I only found Dalai but I really had a good time talking to him. I hung out that night at the W Hotel which has a great bar ontop of it.

Wednesday I spent alot of time in the vendor hall. There were alot less people there than on the previous days, so it was easier to talk to vendors. I had dinner that night with Ed Parker and Karen from Evolve Technologies. They are great people to work with also.

Thursday was the last main day of the conference and I had a full day with lots of meetings. That night we went out with GE including Mark Morita and Prakash Mahesh (one of the companies software architects) first for pizza and then bowling. The guys at GE are old friends and I love hanging out with them.

Friday I packed up my exhibits and managed to miss my flight thanks to the snow in Chicago. I spent the night there and flew home on Saturday.

I will write in more detail about specific topics such as what was hot and what was not in future posts.

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  1. and you got to pick up a new pair of shoes that was already broken in for you! =]

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