Agfa Impax 6.0

So Agfa has launched Impax 6.0 last year as a new version of their PACS. I met with some of their architects during its development and I was very excited about some of its features, such as its use of web services. There is a lot of functionality exposed through web services that can be tapped into through custom software, or better yet through orchestration platforms like BizTalk. It used LDAP for user management which means that single sign on is a possibility. So I was excited.

The installation that I watched was a disaster. Granted things are better now. I am not sure how some of the builds got out of QA. Part of me wonders if Agfa (and Agfa is hardly alone here in the PACS industry) has a serious QA effort. Now what I am going to say I relied on about six radiologists. All of that stuff I said about Impax being good as an IT system does not matter. The system was engineered without good workflow. Most of them considered it to be at best no better than the last version of Impax and at worst a moderately sized step backwards.

Dalai PACS has covered some of the problems with Agfa in much more detail. I highly recommend that you read what he has to say about all this.

Today Agfa visited him to talk about his problems. I hope something comes from it. I want Agfa to be a competitive player. More competition will give us better products.

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  1. Steve:

    Hope you enjoyed the tale of Agfa’s visit to my place as much as they did! Hopefully some improvements will come out of all of this.

    I will indeed be at RSNA. Let me know where you are meeting and I’ll be honored to join you if at all possible!



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