Picking PACS is like getting married

When people get married it is often after dating for a period of time that lets them get to know each other. It is important to pick a compatible mate for the long term. Buying enterprise software like PACS is basically the same. You and the software are going to wake up everyday and spend numerous hours working together. It is important to pick software that you will be happy to see every morning.

The selection process is partially about mitigating risks that a new system brings with it. As a PACS consultant I want the user to feel happy to see the system in the morning. No matter what I think of a system I am not the one that has to get up and use it. The client is. When a client asks what PACS system they should buy I will have them pick their top three systems from the users perspective. I will rank the same systems on many other criteria and give that to the client.

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