Radiology Web 2.0 Conference

I am hosting a mini-conference on August 2nd in Baltimore to look at how Web 2.0 technologies
will impact radiology and medicine in general. More details will be posted in this
post. It will be assumed that you will have deep web 2.0 knowledge and experience.
This is not a technical mini-conference, rather a discussion of what problems web
2.0 technologies might address. What web 2.0 is will not be debated. There are lots
of other places to do that.

Reading Assignments:

is Web 2.0

Epic 2015

Other assignments:

Make a MySpace Profile and add me as your friend. My profile
is here.

Working Schedule


9:00  AM GoogleMirc
Demo – Technical Discussion with Steve for those interested


10:00 AM Welcome (Steve and Jean)


10:10 How have Web 2.0 apps helped your productivity?


10:40 Presentation (2 Web 2.0 Apps)


11:00 Discussion (For what type of problems can Web 2.0 apps provide
a solution)


   1. Isolated
columns of knowledge

   2. Does medicine
need social networking or social decision making?



12:00 Lunch – Topics


   1. How has
Web 2.0 effected people so far?

   2. Why don’t
you use more web 2.0 apps?




1:00 Presentation (2 Web 2.0 Apps)


1:20 Discussion (How do we create solutions for for these problems)


2:00 Discussion (What will drive adoption of those services)


2:30 Closing Remarks (5 min) – Are people interested in continuing
the dialog? Mini-Conference at RSNA?


After discussion for those who want to stay.


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