One thing that really burns me up is when a company won’t communicate with its customers
during problems. As a customer I understand that not everything always works as it
should but what I hate is when a company refuses to communicate about the problem
either during or after. A couple of years ago my cell phone provider cingular had
an outage in Washington DC and Baltimore. Their tech support told me that there was
nothing that he knew and he could not tell me anything. I just wanted to know when
things might be working. As it was I had a phone that I had drive out of the metro
area to use. And I did. Every few hours, just to check voice mail. I am still with
cingular, only because they offered the blackberry I wanted. But I wasn’t angry about
the outage, I was angry that tech support acted like it did not exist.

Newsgator recently had an outage. I was uneffected
because I now use NetVibes but Greg
 had a post detailing
the outage. I was so happy to see that he was being open and honest with the whole
world. Being open and vulnerable like that inspires trust. Hats off to Greg and to

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