IE 7

IE 7 has been touted by Microsoft as a great browser. I do like but it is not without
some very aggravating pain points.

   1. A popup that is blocked is not cached and hidden from the user.
To view the popup the page must be refreshed which can mess up pages that store state
information in certain ways and send you back to the beginning of a set of forms.

  2. When in no addons mode it tells me about it every page that I visit.
I am the one who went to accessories to get to it. I know that I am in no addons mode.
Stop making noises everytime I visit a page.

  3. When I want to allow popups from a site don’t ask me am I sure. I am.

Except for the fact that I really don’t like firefox any better I would switch. But
I am not married at all to staying with IE.

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