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IE 7

IE 7 has been touted by Microsoft as a great browser. I do like but it is not without
some very aggravating pain points.

   1. A popup that is blocked is not cached and hidden from the user.
To view the popup the page must be refreshed which can mess up pages that store state
information in certain ways and send you back to the beginning of a set of forms.

  2. When in no addons mode it tells me about it every page that I visit.
I am the one who went to accessories to get to it. I know that I am in no addons mode.
Stop making noises everytime I visit a page.

  3. When I want to allow popups from a site don’t ask me am I sure. I am.

Except for the fact that I really don’t like firefox any better I would switch. But
I am not married at all to staying with IE.

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Powerpoint 2007 versus Keynote

Over the last few days I have been comparing Apple’s Keynote to Powerpoint
. Over the last year people who I know to be computer neophytes started showing
up to conferences with awsome looking slides. I would pore hours into building slick
looking presentations and these people had ones that looked so much better. So when
I found out they had been using Keynote things started to make sense. Everything that
Apple does they do very well. Witness their UI, iPod + iTunes, etc…

I can say that Keynote wins hands down. It is simply better than Powerpoint. Not a
little better, way better. I am not sure what Apple does but it is simple to use yet
still powerful. And the slides that it generates just look AWSOME. The default color
schemes are very slick. The ability to use cutouts on the slides to integrate your
own pictures is awsome. The ability to easily lay an image over multiple slides is
now a must have. 3D rotations are way easier, simply grap the 3d ball in the corner
and drag. All in all a very easy to use yet powerful program.

Now Powerpoint 2007 does close the gap somewhat. It is simpler. It is still powerful.
It makes better looking presentations than powerpoint 2003. But Apple clearly wins
this battle. I never thought I would say this but my next laptop is going to be an
Apple, just to make presentations.

And BTW Bootcamp rocks.

This weblog is sponsored by iVirtuoso, Inc.