Google Onebox

If you have not already seen check out the Google
 software for Google Search Appliance(GSA). Onebox allows the GSA to
search inside of other enterprise systems like ERP, CRM, Exchange, and anything else
that you care to integrate it with. I think that this lightweight sort of integration,
while not as deep as some, is alot less risky. It also sports a UI that is intuitive
and almost universally recognized, the Google search page. Why is this better? First
it is cheap to integrate. Simply write the logic to search inside of another application
and specify under which circumstances a users query will search another application
and you are done. There are already several connectors to other applications including, Cognos, Cisco VOIP, Microsoft Exchange and more. GSA is not expensive
starting at $30,000. Something I will definitly be keeping an eye on.

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