Mail2Mirc 1.0 Beta

1.0 Beta


Mail2Mirc is a service that converts
emails into MIRC cases and loads them into a MIRC server. The user simply sends an
email to a specified email account and the software will create a MIRCdocument and
send it to the MIRC server.


These instructions assume that you
already have a MIRC server installed. If you do not have a MIRC server installed please
see for


  1. Download Microsoft .Net
    framework version 2.0

Download the version for x86

Alternatively you can use Windows
Update to install the .Net Framework

  1. Download and
    run Mail2MircInstaller.msi. You need to have administrative rights in order to install

  2. Configure Mail2Mirc using the configuration

    1. Start -> Mirc -> Mail2Mirc

    2. Set the POP account information

                                                               i.      Server

                                                             ii.      Username

                                                            iii.      Password

    1. Set the MIRCS Submit Service URL

    2. Click Save Configuration
  1. Start the service using Windows
    Services Snapin in Administrative Tools
  2. >


    1. The user account information for
      the email server is stored in plain text in the registry. In a future version all
      configuration information will be stored in an XML configuration file with sensitive
      information encrypted.

    2. For a more secure deployment use
      a local user account with restricted privileges to run the service.


    Mail2Mirc supports four pieces of
    information in the email. Those are title, history, findings and discussion. For the
    purposes of this application those are reserved words and cannot be used in the text
    of the email except to denote where the blocks of text start. Just attach the images
    as you would any other file. Use only plain text email. HTML has not been tested.


    Example body text:


    Title Test Case

    History there is no history

    Findings Mail2Mirc is awesome

    Discussion I hope that you enjoy
    using it


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