Emdeon RIS Problems

Today I was onsite at a client, our first one. They have bought Emdeon, formerly WebMD
as a RIS and Dynamic Imaging as a PACS. Emdeon has been plauged with more problems
than I have space to elaborate on here. Today I was dealing with the fact that they
use an application called iTrivity to log in remotely and connect to a clients computer
for troubleshooting purposes. It works, occaisionally. It seems to only connect when
I was logged into an administrative account. Of course it was blamed on the computers
firewall and we were asked to turn it off. I flatly refused that request.

Emdeon also does not seem to grasp the concept of rackmount. Despite having asked
for rackmount servers we got several that were not rackmount. They then wanted to
buy a UPS. The UPS is baffling to me since I am yet to see a vendor install PowerChute,
the app that tells the servers to shutdown in the event of a power failure.

Bottom line is that Emdeon is a poorly implemented RIS. Certain users need elevated
privledges in order to accomplish certain tasks, such as scanning a document. Its
billing system is meant to only be used by WebMD, its parent company and the company
that we originally bought it from. There is a great lack of extensibility/integration

Now RISs in general leave alot to be desired and I should point out that much of my
dislike of Emdeon/WebMD stems from the fact that they have treated our client very
disengenuously. So I might be biased. If you are considering purchasing a RIS heed
these words, ‘Take Nothing For Granted.’

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